Monday 9 September 2013

Yellow Monster

A section of the school carpark is being dug up to create a new building.

  Welcome to Monday Mellow Yellows!

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Stay mellow with yellow!


Anonymous said...

Hungry monster!

Anonymous said...

I am glad I do not have to drive one of those ... I wonder do you need a special license? :)

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Nice capture, Gemma.
Thanks for hosting.

namaki said...

this is a huge yellow monster bien à propos for today's même !

RNSANE said...

Reminds me of all the Tonka toys that my three boys played with as children.

Hannah said...

I hope they build something fun for the kids.

Sara Chapman said...

Gemma, I do like your yellow photos. Great composition on this one, too.

nuts said...

I didn't know that MYM is back. I'll join week and all mondays! Yay!